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Now isn't this Enlightening?

Taking A Glimpse Into Ones Inner Self..
with the slogan generator! :D

· When You've Got Shusu, Flaunt it
· Obey Your Whitney.
· You Like Christina. Christina Likes You.
· Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Lisa.
· It's Different in a Spoke.
· The Best Part of Waking Up is Tarlia in Your Cup.
· Vivienne, Take Me Away.
· 3-in-1 Protection for your little Spencer.

RP Related
Warning: Some of these will provoke outrage from characters

· Men Can't Help Acting On Blaise.
· Don't Get Mad, Get Giorgio!
· It Takes a Tough Man to Make a Tender Millicent.
· The Non-Sticky Sticky Edgar.
· A Finger of Accia is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat.
· Nothing Sucks Like a Draco.
· Be Like Dad, Keep Contzel.
· A Lilith A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play.
· Top Breeders Recommend Megan.
· Sunny - The Appetizer!
· A Day Without Snape Like a Day Without Sunshine.
· There's no Wrong Way to Eat a Lavander!
· Contzel Really Satisfies.
· If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as Seth.
· Paul is so Bracing.
· With A Name Like Justin, It Has To Be Good.

Misc. Ones
· It's Not TV. It's RP.
· Great Sex. Great Times.
· Penis: The Other White Meat.
· The Sweet You Can Eat Between Meals Without Ruining Your Marriage.
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