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The Night that Never Was?

Does any remember a thing I did last evening? I'm drawing a blank from speaking with Whitney to speaking with Lisa. Anything that happened inbetween I am oblivious to.

Which, may I say, is not the only thing.

For all of those keeping up with the occurances at SPHP_OOC, you will have read the comic hystaria that was my "epiphany". Somehow I had become unaware of the date, thus forgetting Contzel will be leaving for Denmark today. Joys upon all joys..

As I had stated in previous entries, I take private German lessons over the summer. Well, I am repeating bad school habits. This is the second time I have forgotten to do my assigned work. Which translates into, ladies and gentlemen, my crazied rush of a self becoming even more so as I strain to get the work done.. And by the Gods, it will be done!

Ohh.. I feel a stress headache coming on.

I sincerly hope this is not foreshadowing of the vacation I will be taking after this week. Contzel may be able to pack swiftly, but I pack slow, and I pack much.

Wish me luck!
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