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Oh, for the Gods' sake..

All logic reasoning to hell, that was not right!

Well, I had gotten sleep. Now I most certainly wish I hadn't.

Bad dream.. erm.. after dream.. whatever.

The dream part was very immature, really. These strange breeds of men where now breeding themselves and I was with my family fleeing home. We never did make it.

We where backing up to go into the driveway when the car, what looked to be like a mix between an old-fashioned motorbike and an old fashioned Volkswagon Beetle.

My mother had gotten out of the car. No sooner had she done so when she became shocked in appearance, then I noticed a man staggering in his walk towards her. He had blond hair that was cut short, and wore both green and yellow pants and shirt. His hands where reaching out to grab her.

I had been, for some unknown reason, in an attached area to the car. Similar to one a motorcycle. There is an extra attachment to make for an extra seat, but there was no closure. I felt the need to get back in, but he noticed me, and advanced. I tried to wake up then, as I was getting scared. Slight interference, but no good. I picked up what I had been riding in and tossed it at him. On impact, I awoke part-way.

Then what has me terrified happened.

I heard voices. Tens of voices.. women, children. The most predominant was one males voice, which kept saying something inaudible. The one thing I could hear him say was "What". I mentally wanted out of there, and physically my entire body had gone into convulsions. This stopped as I focused to get out of the state I had been thrust into.

I calmed, keeping my eyes closed, more or less panting. I slowly felt this shiver go up my spine, matching that I had felt before. It was actually a rather good sensation, come to think of it. Like electricity. The voices started again. This time my hand had clenched around the pillow and I forced my head back. It stopped once more. I refused to put my head back down to the pillow.

For awhile I thought it was a dream. I am still questioning if it could not have been. Perhaps a dream while awake? I know I knew what I was doing, such as clenching the pillow and trying to force myself from the dream I had prior to.

My ear has been ringing for awhile since. Now it's down to a dull tingle and a lot of heat coming from it. I had this issue enough when I was younger until I had tubes put in my ears to correct all the trouble. I've always had bad ears, yes, but this is ridiculous. My back and upper body is rather tense as well. Would you blame me for that?

I'm not sure what you would call that. It's all in my mind, right? Oh, I don't know..

All I know is that if that isn't the weirdest case of a Night Terror I don't know what is. >_<

Until later, dears. May you have pleasant dreams tonight!

[ EDIT ] :

Shusu had attempted to cure bad dreams with sexual innuendo! I am happy to say it worked! ^-^;

Das Blut Rose (11:42:40 AM): *DIEING*
Liondragon san (11:42:47 AM): ^_^
Das Blut Rose (11:42:56 AM): Oh that made me feel SO much better!!
Das Blut Rose (11:42:59 AM): I can't stop laughing XD
Das Blut Rose (11:43:03 AM): I'm in tears!!
Liondragon san (11:43:06 AM): I knew I had a link *somewhere*
Das Blut Rose (11:43:06 AM): I'MA READ IT AGAIN!
Liondragon san (11:43:10 AM): which would do the trick
Liondragon san (11:43:12 AM): ^^
Das Blut Rose (11:43:15 AM): I LOVE YOU!! XD
Liondragon san (11:43:24 AM): :D
[ / EDIT ]
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