Lilium Inter Spinas.. The Lily among the Thorns (wildflower) wrote,
Lilium Inter Spinas.. The Lily among the Thorns

From A.M. to P.M. .. Working on the Night Shift

"The sun shall not smite I by day,
Nor the moon by night
And everything that I do
Shall be upfull and right
And if it's all night

I regret to inform you that I will be off for vacation for the following week.

Yes, I know.. such is a travesty. I beg of you, try not to weep too much for my absence. Please. The sight of your sadness would not reinforce my meager self-worth in the great scheme of things. I think.

I shall be experiencing a life of leisure among a lovely historic town in New York, complete with fort and garnet mining not far from.

Would anyone like a post-card or trinket? Comment or e-mail. I assure you, I gave up stalking ages ago. It went out of style along with prank calling. Though I do indulge myself now and then, of course..

As for parting words..

To my dearest girl.. My lovely Whitney whom returns from her own ventures in Italia.. Get your ass home. I need you. I have been sad since you left and no one is minding my baby. She's deeply depressed on the _ooc scale (as am I, but do I do immersion? I should say not! I am a strong little.. wimp. All right. I'm a wreck too!), I shall explain why when you get back. Tell your boy to prepare the handkerchiefs and the hugs. *hugs* I love you,!

Shusu, lovable, playful, "I would not harm a fly" (Right-o), Shusu.. I expect our conversation shall never get out into public view, yessss? Mum sends her daughter well wishes and begs her not to harm anyone while she is not there to witness it. *ahem* I shall be looking into the plaques, as the little town shops commonly have such novelties.. I doubt they will have our "list", but the prayer is another story.

Lisa, I regret not being able to talk to you more before I had to take off. I promise to amend this best I can on return, and maybe during, should the facilities be available.

Michelle and Spencer, despite some unfavorable runes being cast, I wish you a pleasant time in each other's company. I'm sure it will be a blast.

Jen, someone forgot about the e-mail addresses, did they not? :D Oh well.. I have a temporary I can e-mail you from until then. Is it possible to get them set up tomorrow so I can have them for the rest of the week? If not.. I still miss you. I haven't spoken with you more then 5 words, and I'm already asking for things. Some friend I am! :/

Rich, boy, we promised we'd talk and we never did. How disheartening! The few times we did I was extatic. You are a great person to talk to and depriving me is cruel! ;-; Leave your e-mail for me, if you can, and I'll be sure to get started on making up for the.. uhm.. two months of summer we missed?

Chantal, you are like the untouchable over here! Try as I may I was unable to get in contact with you.. Le sigh. Well, we shall think of something! If I had known you where invisible so much before an unbelievably pathetic hour last night perhaps we may have had a chance at speaking.. Blarg. How cruel this world can be! Or is it just that I am simple minded? Pick or choice, both are ample reasons. I look forward to *someday* speaking with you!

Vivienne, I thank you for all the information you have provided me with in terms of the occurrences I've been having. I can not say the bizarre things have ended, but at least they are getting more manageable. Now, if I could tend to my emotions as I could tend to my other life issues I would not have a problem.

Christine, get. on. more. I miss the conversations we where having! You rock, love. I need your insanity as badly as I need my own! I can not live without it!

Tarlia, I still can't believe you killed him!!! .. And yes, that is my own, unique way of saying take care, I will be thinking of you. I am in no part still outraged at the waste of such a beautiful evil mind. We really must talk more, though.

Snape, .. thanks for listening. You really didn't have to. I am still apologizing. Yes, I did type it "appologising" just now before I had the chance to stop myself. Her accent truly has corrupted my linguistics, to which I already had nill to none. Be that as it may, your support despite the situation was warming. It's tough to accept, of course, and it's going to be.. you know it as well as I, but perhaps we will make it out of this breathing fine. *sigh* iIf you hear of any up-and-coming RPs, give me an e-mail, you hear? It has been a pleasure e-mail RPing with you.

And all of you whom are miffed at a lack of mention and don't think I love you: I do! Honestly!

I have just taken a leaflet from my character's scrolls and have entirely blown off the process of packing.

I am now going to do a mad dash about the house in attempts to gather up necessities, which, unlike she who takes little, is mostly consistent of all major appliances along with half the contents of the attic storage on top of what truly is needed.

Do wish me luck.. and I shall be seeing, and hopefully hearing, from you bloody lot in no time!

Liebe, Ihr Freund (oder Liebhaber?),

PS.: Hint - I heart comments.
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