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In the news..

The Headline:
'Caution: Wizard "at Work"' leaves 2 Dead.

As many will know, a new artical on the PoA movie has surfaced which intrigues a good few, disgusts some, and elates all those out of/in the closet Harry and Hermione shippers.

If you haven't heard yet, you may access this artical here

Now.. the following has been cut for those whom wish to read the artical before getting my commentary. Okay? Good.

The Memorable Quotations:
"'Yes, 'Azkaban' is the puberty movie in the Potter franchise-the one', says Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, 'in which all those lovely, lovely hormones start coming out.' How will the movie reflect the changes afoot? “Lots of sex,” says Alfonso Cuaron, the Mexican director who’s taken over the reins of the series from Chris Columbus. “Lots of nudity. And lots of sex.” "

"Cuaron also reimagined the role of Professor Dumbledore after Richard Harris’s death. British actor Michael Gambon now plays the Hogwarts headmaster as an elegant old hippie. "

"Honeydukes, the candy store, is floor-to-ceiling psychedelia, with tangles of licorice and-a Cuaron touch-Mexican skulls made of sugar."

"Watson, who’s 13, has a sign on her dressing-room door that reads BEWARE: BABE INSIDE."

"The teenage cast is coming of age just as the characters are, and that there’s, uh, pollen in the air. "

The Discussion:
Das Blut Rose: "Between takes at the 'shrieking shack' a ghoulish, precariously quaking house on the fringes of the wizard village Hogsmeade' actor Daniel Radcliffe fiddles with his magic wand. "
Das Blut Rose: XD XD XD I CAN'T TAKE IT!!
Das Blut Rose: THE MENTAL IMAGES!!!!
Liondragon san: That was my first thought!!!!! XD XD
Das Blut Rose: I was like O_O!!!!! WOAH!!!!!!
Das Blut Rose: *DEAD - AGAIN!!!!!!*
Liondragon san: on screeeeeen! XD XD
Liondragon san: Dan you animal!!!!

The Pluses and Minuses:
What we may look forward to In PoA:
[+] Hallucinogens being sold in Honeydukes.
[+] Professor Dumbledore wearing peace beads and smoking a blunt at supper time.
[+] Dan Radcliff playing with his magic stick.
[+] Raging Teenage Hormones.

What we may not look forward to in PoA:
[-] Getting to actually see any of this.

My Prediction:
A contest for all the icons surfacing of the "infamous" picture. You know there will be tons, if there are not already.

The Take on the Artical:
Höööllleeennn ja!

The other points of view:
[*] Shusu (locked)
[*] Epicyclical
:: More to be added should they appear ::

Later, loves!

P.S. - I'm back! ^-^

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