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· Obey Your Whitney.
· You Like Christina. Christina Likes You.
· Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Lisa.
· It's Different in a Spoke.
· The Best Part of Waking Up is Tarlia in Your Cup.
· Vivienne, Take Me Away.
· 3-in-1 Protection for your little Spencer.

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· Men Can't Help Acting On Blaise.
· Don't Get Mad, Get Giorgio!
· It Takes a Tough Man to Make a Tender Millicent.
· The Non-Sticky Sticky Edgar.
· A Finger of Accia is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat.
· Nothing Sucks Like a Draco.
· Be Like Dad, Keep Contzel.
· A Lilith A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play.
· Top Breeders Recommend Megan.
· Sunny - The Appetizer!
· A Day Without Snape Like a Day Without Sunshine.
· There's no Wrong Way to Eat a Lavander!
· Contzel Really Satisfies.
· If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as Seth.
· Paul is so Bracing.
· With A Name Like Justin, It Has To Be Good.

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Why the Holidays Never Cease to Amaze Me..

Now, Thanksgiving for those of the North American region is a time of family togetherness, of peace (or is that broken promises?), and of, of course, the Thanksgiving Turkey. At least, ideally, though one always seems to find at least the turkey if the other two are impossible to get a grip upon. Well, I have some rather disturbing news, as it seems that turkey is.. how shall say.. outdated.

"Goodbye Turkey, Hello Turducken!

It's a Turkey! It's a Duck! It's a Chicken! It's a.. Turducken?!?

What's that, you ask? It's a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck stuffed inside a deboned turkey.

Demand for this 'fowl' product is growing. And if you ant to shake up Turkey Day, several meat specialty stores will ship one to you in time for Thanksgiving dinner for about $100.

Seriously though, gag me.. talk about a vegetarian's nightmare!

At least 49% of the poll-takers have the sense to say they wouldn't touch the stuff..
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[ Hot Off The Press ]


Canada's legalization of Gay Marriages has apparently upset the delicate balance that is judicial law. The Christian Church is attempting to mettle back into Government affairs by urging Politicians not to allow Same-Sex marriages, Adoptions, etc. President Bush implies that we are "all sinners", but he does not believe any but a man and woman should be allowed to wed.

I don't see how it is the government's or church's business who you decide to love and eventually marry. I also wish the pope would keep his nose in the Vatican where it belongs, and out of the influence of politics where it has no place. At least not in my books.

For all Catholics out there - You know I respect you and your religion, but growing up with a father of a Greek Orthodox religion, criticizing the Pope is nothing new to me.

I just wish this type of prejudice would die.

Anyways - The articles are in the full, unabridged text for your reading and contemplation. You come to your own opinions.

Vatican Appeals for Politicians *Not* to Legalize Same-Sex MarriagesCollapse )

President Bush' Take On Same-Sex MarriagesCollapse )

(( The above texts are copywritten to their respective writers ))
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In the news..

The Headline:
'Caution: Wizard "at Work"' leaves 2 Dead.

As many will know, a new artical on the PoA movie has surfaced which intrigues a good few, disgusts some, and elates all those out of/in the closet Harry and Hermione shippers.

If you haven't heard yet, you may access this artical here

Now.. the following has been cut for those whom wish to read the artical before getting my commentary. Okay? Good.

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The other points of view:
[*] Shusu (locked)
[*] Epicyclical
:: More to be added should they appear ::

Later, loves!

P.S. - I'm back! ^-^

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From A.M. to P.M. .. Working on the Night Shift

"The sun shall not smite I by day,
Nor the moon by night
And everything that I do
Shall be upfull and right
And if it's all night

I regret to inform you that I will be off for vacation for the following week.

Yes, I know.. such is a travesty. I beg of you, try not to weep too much for my absence. Please. The sight of your sadness would not reinforce my meager self-worth in the great scheme of things. I think.

I shall be experiencing a life of leisure among a lovely historic town in New York, complete with fort and garnet mining not far from.

Would anyone like a post-card or trinket? Comment or e-mail. I assure you, I gave up stalking ages ago. It went out of style along with prank calling. Though I do indulge myself now and then, of course..

As for parting words..
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And all of you whom are miffed at a lack of mention and don't think I love you: I do! Honestly!

I have just taken a leaflet from my character's scrolls and have entirely blown off the process of packing.

I am now going to do a mad dash about the house in attempts to gather up necessities, which, unlike she who takes little, is mostly consistent of all major appliances along with half the contents of the attic storage on top of what truly is needed.

Do wish me luck.. and I shall be seeing, and hopefully hearing, from you bloody lot in no time!

Liebe, Ihr Freund (oder Liebhaber?),

PS.: Hint - I heart comments.
Tighter please?

Procrastinating ( Me? Never!

Okay, so I feel down in the dumps. What do I do? Instead of packing, I'm playing. This is the kind of self-destructive behavior that makes maniacs. Oops?

"You are a eNTp, a Rationalist - the personality of Ravenclaw house, and your Harry Potter character match is Draco Malfoy
Note: Draco is under-characterized in HP. He in an eNTp in most fanon works, but much of the possibility that he could be an eNTp is in the books aswell... but he is also possibly an eNTj
(from the Personality Page) Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Enjoy debating issues, and may be into "one-up-manship". They get very excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Generally outspoken and assertive. They enjoy people and are stimulating company. Excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions.

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Light me a candle, will you?
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Tighter please?

Oh, for the Gods' sake..

All logic reasoning to hell, that was not right!

Well, I had gotten sleep. Now I most certainly wish I hadn't.

Bad dream.. erm.. after dream.. whatever.

The dream part was very immature, really. These strange breeds of men where now breeding themselves and I was with my family fleeing home. We never did make it.

The Weird Fiction Meets a Weirder Reality: Cauton, This Makes Absolutly No Fathomable Sense.Collapse )

My ear has been ringing for awhile since. Now it's down to a dull tingle and a lot of heat coming from it. I had this issue enough when I was younger until I had tubes put in my ears to correct all the trouble. I've always had bad ears, yes, but this is ridiculous. My back and upper body is rather tense as well. Would you blame me for that?

I'm not sure what you would call that. It's all in my mind, right? Oh, I don't know..

All I know is that if that isn't the weirdest case of a Night Terror I don't know what is. >_<

Until later, dears. May you have pleasant dreams tonight!

[ EDIT ] :

Shusu had attempted to cure bad dreams with sexual innuendo! I am happy to say it worked! ^-^;

Das Blut Rose (11:42:40 AM): *DIEING*
Liondragon san (11:42:47 AM): ^_^
Das Blut Rose (11:42:56 AM): Oh that made me feel SO much better!!
Das Blut Rose (11:42:59 AM): I can't stop laughing XD
Das Blut Rose (11:43:03 AM): I'm in tears!!
Liondragon san (11:43:06 AM): I knew I had a link *somewhere*
Das Blut Rose (11:43:06 AM): I'MA READ IT AGAIN!
Liondragon san (11:43:10 AM): which would do the trick
Liondragon san (11:43:12 AM): ^^
Das Blut Rose (11:43:15 AM): I LOVE YOU!! XD
Liondragon san (11:43:24 AM): :D
[ / EDIT ]
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Tighter please?

"But It's Not So Bad.."

I appologize ahead of time for the content of this entry. I would have adored to write something of a cheerful nature. I can not give this right now, as I am far too confused with myself to muster up even a facade of such. I am looking more for a solution then caring for what I type.

I'll explain.

To put it bluntly, something is horrendously amiss with me, and I really don't know what more I can do about it. This is as far as I am willing to admit in terms of any condition I apparently have attained.

So many strange occurrences, both physical, mental.. spiritual?.. all throwing themselves at me. The best I can do is list them.. at least, what my memory is serving to me, which is surprisingly not much. Not enough.

Firstly, I swear I believe in spirits but seeing such after so many years of being devoid of the like (experiences as a little girl I shall not discuss) is unacceptable. I think I am making it up. I have to be. Tricks of the light in the mirror to replace the figure I had seen for a week. A late-night hallucination for said figure following me to the living room, forcing me to flee to the kitchen.

Now a spot of blood on the curtains across from my mirror. It's real. That's true. I don't know how it got there. There is no malevolent specter in my house. There is just me. I'm enough of an adversary. I can't explain these happenings. I can't justify my logic - as I see none to it. I'm just scared I'm the one who did it without recollection.

To be honest, I feel like I'm not doing anything. Like I'm going slowly insane. I'm not living my own life anymore. I'm watching it, like a bad movie on the television - and the remote is broken, so I am forced to endure its continuation. I'm a figure watching the life that should be mine. At least, I think it's still mine.

I think a lot of things. I know but a few. I know, for instance, that I'm hungry, as my stomach is growling, but I have no compulsion to eat. Eating seems near fruitless. It has become a challenge to do so as the days increase. The human body sustains life on nourishment - but I feel as if I may never eat a bite again. My body needs something, but it feels full in terms of food. I have not eaten more then scraps the past couple of days. It is impossible that I do not need it.

My mouth is dry, I can nearly taste the sand of a great desert in it. I can also taste what resembles blood. Both pose the same issue of making swallowing that much more burdensome, because then you can feel it as well. The last bit of saliva beneath my tongue coursing over that dry patch on the roof of my mouth, like liquid copper on a cotton ball. That's what it is.

Water.. I could drink it. I need to. I, again, have no desire to. There is even a bottle near me, but I am fearful to touch for reason I can not place. I'm afraid alot more then I ever used to be. At the library when I am sorting through papers or doing something so simple as flipping a page within my notebook to record some data, I fear papercut. When walking down the stairs, I feel as if I should fall. Even in walking such thoughts plague me. What if I should trip and fall?

My stomach is constantly reminding me now as I write this that it needs sustenance. I do not feel up to providing it.. this worries me.

My immune system is down as well - I am catching cold. I have been sniffling for days now. The medication I took (one of the few brands I am not allergic to) should have been taken with food last night. I opted for some sips of water from the aforementioned bottle.

I never got to sleep last night. The night before then - did I sleep? I don't remember. The night before that I know I did.. when I did not know I was going to. This week is becoming a blur. More so then it was when I first started typing this, looking for some sort of answer. Where is my life going? I fear I can't catch up to it. I'm starting to wonder if I even want to anymore..

What's wrong with me? I just don't understand..
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Tighter please?

The Night that Never Was?

Does any remember a thing I did last evening? I'm drawing a blank from speaking with Whitney to speaking with Lisa. Anything that happened inbetween I am oblivious to.

Which, may I say, is not the only thing.

For all of those keeping up with the occurances at SPHP_OOC, you will have read the comic hystaria that was my "epiphany". Somehow I had become unaware of the date, thus forgetting Contzel will be leaving for Denmark today. Joys upon all joys..

As I had stated in previous entries, I take private German lessons over the summer. Well, I am repeating bad school habits. This is the second time I have forgotten to do my assigned work. Which translates into, ladies and gentlemen, my crazied rush of a self becoming even more so as I strain to get the work done.. And by the Gods, it will be done!

Ohh.. I feel a stress headache coming on.

I sincerly hope this is not foreshadowing of the vacation I will be taking after this week. Contzel may be able to pack swiftly, but I pack slow, and I pack much.

Wish me luck!
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